"I love what Julia does and how she does it, with a sense of community, purpose and embracing personality. She is informative, knowledgeable and warm-hearted. She is a great resource, often hosting guest speakers with valuable research and info. The world of diabetes needs more of Julia in it. If you are a diabetic, please take advantage of what Julia has to offer."

-Sherri L.

"I couldn't have faced having to inject insulin without Julia's help. She is walking me thru the process of getting well with compassion and practicality. She is inspiring and always lifts my spirits. She is an angel in disguise."

-Jan O.

"Working with Julia has been a treat. She is an excellent listener and has been an effective guide for managing my SIBO and Leaky Gut. Together, we navigated a complicated maze of dietary restrictions and modifications. I now have a nutrition and wellness plan that matches my needs and my body. I haven't felt so vibrant in years!"

-George C.


Julia's approach to wellness is so inspiring. She is incredibly knowledgeable about diabetes and nutrition and has so many wonderful tools to share. Even more, Julia approaches her work with kindness and an open mind, making her such a joy to work with!
-Kerry D.

Presentation Testimonials

"Julia, you were a big hit at the last presentation, with all of the visual aids. We're thrilled to have you back again."
-Care Oregon

Hawthorne Diabetes Group Testimonials

"The last two meetups were fantastic (those were the first I'd been to)! I learned a lot and all my questions were answered by Julia and the presenters, very insightful. Really enjoyed listening to other people's comments, experiences with diabetes. Looking forward to meeting new people on the 11th. See you there."
"The last time we met, I learned so much!!! I am looking forward to another great meeting!!!"
"It was great to hear other people's stories and share my own."