About Me

As a medical nutritionist and diabetes educator with over 20 years experience, I focus on metabolic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and much more Using self-compassion and kindness, I guide individuals and groups to discover the roots of their health concerns, which often times have a nutrition base. With these roots uncovered, we create a roadmap for improved health.

My Philosophy

        Julia Hanfling, RD, CDE

        Julia Hanfling, RD, CDE

I believe that each person is an expert of his or her own life. My philosophy is to guide clients without judgement or pressure - always on your own terms.

I think good health is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece represents a different part of a person's life - including medical history, daily life, and personal preferences. Once we identify the pieces, we can then put them together and see the big picture. At that point, I can offer suggestions and guidelines that really fit the individual. I work collaboratively with other providers as part of a client's healthcare team.

My philosophy is summed up in the Gentle Steps, which I've created as a guide for living a life a wholeness.

Licenses, Certifications, & Memberships

  • Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD or RDN) - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with the following practice group memberships: Diabetes Care and Education, Functional and Integrative Nutrition, Hunger and Environmental Nutrition
  • Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) - American Association of Diabetes Educators
  • Licensed Dietitian (LD) - Oregon
  • Bachelor of Science, Clinical Nutrition - Oregon State University

What's in the name, 3 Peaches Nutrition?

Nutrition coaching, diabetes coach

While growing up in Southeast Portland, I had an old peach tree in my backyard. The tree gave few peaches, but they were as big as grapefruits. In late summer, my two best friends and I would climb the tree and pick the most delicious peaches right off of the branch, savoring every bite. These fruits would be sweet, juicy, and warm from the sun. I named my business "3 Peaches Nutrition & Diabetes Coaching" with the conviction that nutrition changes for improved health should be as delicious as August peaches. This philosophy is what I offer to my clients. 

My Story

Many different paths converged before I realized that nutrition and diabetes coaching would be my calling. It took me years to tie together my interests and values. 

Diabetes,  Mindful Eating

As an undergrad at World College West and Oregon State University, I studied an eclectic mix of the sciences while also exploring various spiritual and meditative approaches to wellness and healing. I could see the merits and limitations of both western and eastern medicinal approaches. I found ways to bring these two schools of thought together through nutrition. 

I graduated from Oregon State University in Clinical Nutrition. After graduation, I completed a year-long internship in Chicago and then moved back to Oregon. I became both a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.

Using my nutrition skills in various capacities, my work included public speaking, research, one-on-one consults, as an outpatient educator and nutritionist for a local hospital, and more. In 1998 I opened my own practice called 3 Peaches Nutrition & Diabetes Coaching. It brings me great joy to apply my background, experience, and philosophy into a unique and holistic practice that has consistently improved my clients' quality of life in subtle and profound ways.