Nutritionist, Diabetes Education


Coaching • Counseling • Presentations • Menu Upgrade

I am listed on most insurance panels, including:

  • Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • United Health Care
  • and others

Diabetes and nutrition appointments are covered under most insurance policies.
Your specific coverage can be pre-determined before our first appointment. Contact me for details. 

Diabetes Coaching

Individual guidance for anyone with pre-diabetes, Type I, Type II, gestational diabetes, advanced complications, and everything in between. We'll develop a plan to tie together food, blood sugars, medications (including insulin), movement, sleep, supplements, and more. Support people are most welcome. Recommendations are always given "On Your Own Terms." Contact me for details. 

Nutrition Counseling

Providing nutrition guidance for individuals facing health challenges and needing medical nutrition therapy. I incorporate a whole-person approach using knowledge, kindness and self compassion.
Contact me for details.

Group Presentations

Offering presentations to groups on topic ranging from the joy of eating well, preventing & treating diabetes, functional nutrition, sleep and stress, diabetes on a budget and much more. 

Frequent speaker for seniors, businesses, community organizations, and conferences. A wide variety of presentation topics are available. Contact me for more details.

Menu Upgrade Program for Adult Care Homes

As part of the Menu Upgrade Program, I offer:

  • a survey for staff and residents to understand their food preferences and nutritional needs.
  • an assessment of current meal methods (purchasing, preparing, serving, and storing food).
  • providing recommendations and creating menus based on staff and resident requests, tolerances, and medical needs.
  • evaluating how well the changes are received.
  • reviewing the program outcomes, targeting maximum satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

For more information on The Menu Upgrade Program for your facility, please contact me.

My areas of practice include

  • Mindful eating
  • Heart disease: high cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory guidelines
  • Functional nutrition
  • Other areas, by request
  • Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2, pre-diabetes, long-term complications, gestational diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Kidney disease

Contact me to learn more: