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View the titles below for some great diabetes and nutrition-related resources. By clicking, you will be taken to a downloadable version of the information. All topics have been discussed in the monthly Hawthorne Diabetes Group.

To learn more about this group and join us at our next gathering, visit the HDG Meetup Page.

Date Presented     Handout

December 2017    10 Holiday Survival Tips if you Have Diabetes

                               6 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

November 2017    Your Glucose Numbers and A1C

                               Blood Sugar Log

September 2017   Medications for Diabetes

                               Diabetes Medicine Resources (4 free downloads from Diabetes Education Services)

August 2017         Diabetes Foot Care

July 2017              How to Build a Power Salad

                              Power Salad Combinations

                              Salad Dressing Recipes

                              4 Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

                              Vegetable Storage Cheat Sheet

                               Portland Farmer's Markets, 2017

June 2017             Personal Rewards

                              Take a Diabetes Vacation

May 2017               Breaking Free from Diabetic Pain

April 2017              10 Exercise Tip for People with Diabetes

March 2017            Overcoming Negative Thoughts about Diabetes

                               Diabetes Etiquette for People Who Don't Have Diabetes

                               "I'd take better care of my diabetes if..." (powerpoint presentation)

Feb. 2017               High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Jan. 2017                 Supplements for Diabetes Care

Dec. 2016               (This group cancelled due to snow. "Taking Care of my Diabetes" is rescheduled for March.)

Nov. 2016                10 Steps to Improve your Relationship with your Doctor

                                12 Questions to ask your Doctor about Diabetes

Oct. 2016                15 Tools to Make Meal Preparation More Manageable

Aug. 2016               Thirst Quenchers & Blood Sugars

June 2016               Sleep & Stress: How Hormones Help or Hinder Health

May 2016                The Microbiome & Diabetes: Repairing the Gut and Improving Blood Sugar Metabolism

April 2016                Oriental Medicine for Diabetes

March 2016             Grow Your Own Vegetables Anywhere - Container Gardening

                                Container Gardening Plant Varieties